RC snapshot

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RC snapshot

Hi, all


Houston, I have a problem.


1. Exist 2 3PAR systems with remote copy.

2. 2nd March replication between storages was interrupted/stopped (link problems). Active was storage A.

3. 19th March was other problems. And admin "decide" to make restore from storage B, and he understand error in 2-3 minutes. operation was interrupted.

4. at the moment on storage A exist LUN + rcpy snapshot. But active is B storage



1. if I delete RC Group I will loose rcpy snapshot ?

2. How I can make active storage A for 19th March?

3. What will be in LUN PRODSTORE1 if I will make "Resync Physical Copy ..." ?


thank you in advance.






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Re: RC snapshot

This is admin error. I tried to make different options, but no success.


Case closed.