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RCFC port balancing

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RCFC port balancing

Hi, guys

Please I need your help, a client has a 3PAR 7400 and wants to balance the RCFC ports on all four nodes. This is because days ago one of the nodes is damaged and only replicated by a node.

Is there any technical limitation with what the customer proposes?

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Re: RCFC port balancing


If I understand well, the replication failed due to one of the nodes going down? That might have been caused by a wrong configuration of RCFC ports. I'm not aware of this client's infrastructure but I guess the components are redundand including SAN (network).

To answer your question, yes there are limitations in terms of distance for sync replications but there are also best practices that needs to be followed. First of all I would start checking the configuration of RCFC ports. Remember: Each node pair should be zoned to 2 different fabrics, i.g. 0 & 1 towards Fabric A and 2 & 3 towards Fabric B.

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Re: RCFC port balancing

Hello Dardan

Thanks for the answer.

The client told me that the replica was still working when the node failed, it just wants that if a node where the RCFC ports is configured again it will only be affected by a single node and not by two.

I review the submitted documentation and it says nothing that technically cannot use one RCFC port per node.



Re: RCFC port balancing

Hi Eduardo,

When you replace the failed node, the replication starts working with both the nodes as it was working before node failure. Please let me know if you have more questions about this.



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