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Recovery 3par Virtual Volume

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Recovery 3par Virtual Volume



I would like to recovery the virtual volume that I deleted. How can I recovery.


Do you have any idea for this ( 3PARV400 3.1.1 MU3)



Prakash Singh_1
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Re: Recovery 3par Virtual Volume



If you removes a virtual volume, there is no guarantee to recover the removed volume (data).

If a user deliberately deletes a Vitrual Volume (VV), the associated Logical Disks (LD's) are freed by default. Once the LD's are freed, the chunklets which  were part of those LD's are initialized by writing zero's into them. This erases the user data which was previously present on such chunklets.




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Dennis Handly
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Re: Recover 3PAR deleted Virtual Volume

There is no trash bin on a 3PAR.

If you don't have a snapshot with a close time, time to get out your backups.

Sheldon Smith

Re: Recover 3PAR deleted Virtual Volume

If you just Removed the Virtual LUN (unexport), then re-export the Virtual Volume.


If you Removed the Virtual Volume, you need to

  1. Create a new Virtual Volume,
  2. Export the new Virtual Volume,
  3. Restore from Backup.


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