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Remote Copy - P10000

Liviu I.
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Remote Copy - P10000

We have 2 3Par v400 systems, which are located in 2 data centers (aprox 4 km - fiber measurement).
We established bi-directional remote copy link (replication) and we try to set-up a synchronous replication volume.
The problem we are facing is that the sync replication, in our case, turns out to be a real performance penalty (~75 %). Thus, for a queue-depth=1 , for the replicated disk we have aprox. 330 IOPS while stopping the replication turns out that our unreplicated disk is able to support 1200 IOPS.


In the InForm Console , the graph for RC link latency reports 1-3 ms (?!)

checkrclink reports:
Latency: 0.521 ms
Lost pings: 0 %
Through-put: > 2687589 Kbits/second

Can you please share with me your experiences, because I can hardly believe that this is general approved behavior.
I would appreciate also any idea/hint since we tried to troubleshoot the SAN , but probably we should investigate the 3Par also, and the manuals don't seem to help me.

Thank you

Prakash Singh_1
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Re: Remote Copy - P10000



For solutions regarding HP 3PAR storage and other HP Storage systems you can also look at the HP guided troubleshooting tree. 


Link for the same is below:



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