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Removing the copied LUN to another CPG

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Removing the copied LUN to another CPG


I have a problem regarding a CPG capacity , I take a decision to move the virtual volume to another CPG so I used a volume then tune then choose another CPG but I found that the volume is exist in the old CPG and in the copy CPG.

My question: How to ensure that a volume moved (Not copied) to another CPG?

As I am new to the current job  and also new to 3par I invesigated all volumes exist in all 3par systems (we have four 3par 8200 storage systems) I found that I have alot of old volumes that exist in two cpg (the primary CPG and copy cpg )

My question: How to keep only one copy of a volume in one CPG without any data corruption and less impact on performance? 


Re: Removing the copied LUN to another CPG

if you see copy cpg exists for any VV that means snapshot or virtual copy associated with that vv or may be for same purpose it was there.

So when you tune any VV from one cpg to another cpg then you need to make sure you move snp_cpg as well.

Refer any Command line guide and refer command tunevv.


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Re: Removing the copied LUN to another CPG

Many Thanks for your support

But I want to make sure that Snapshot in 3par called virtual copy, is that true?

How to move the data and snapshots of a virtual volume from a CPG to another CPG using  

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Re: Removing the copied LUN to another CPG

"Virtual copy" and "snapshot" are names for the same thing.

To move volume data from one CPG to another: tunevv usr_cpg <cpg> [options] <VV_name>
To move vol snapshots from one CPG to another:  tunevv snp_cpg <cpg> [options] <VV_name> 

See the HPE 3PAR Command Line Interface Reference for details.

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