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Replication seeding question

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Replication seeding question

Is it possible to seed a replication partner with removable media like a HDD or USB stick?  I have a relatively slow link between sites (10Mb) that willbe fine for deltas but the initial seed is something like 7Tb.  Seeding at the same location may not be possible.

Sheldon Smith

Re: Replication seeding question

HDD, USB stick, tape, boxes of diskettes, the medium doesn't matter.


What does matter is you have a host at each end running the same OS, running some backup software that does a raw disk-image (not file-based) of the snapshot on the primary side. Then take it to the secondary side, and using the same backup software, restore to a volume of the same size.

Now the snapshot and secondary volume are the same. You can admit the primary and its snapshot along with the secondary. 

Read the documentation on the admitrcopyvv command.


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