SAN choice

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SAN choice

hello there

I have got a project to virtualize under vsphere on 3 hosts a physical infrastructure of 20 physical servers including some file server, SQL servers and 2 oracle servers for our ERP

integrators suggest me 3 differents choices

-EVA 4400 with 18 600GB FC 15k disk
-P2000 with 12 15K 300GB and 24 10K 300GB disk
-IBM 3512 with 12 15K 300GB SAS DISK and 24 10K 300GB SAS DISK

which one would offer best performance for IO?
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Re: SAN choice

If among the three choices I would have gone for -EVA 4400 with 18 600GB FC 15k disk
Simply because it can stripe over all 18 disks and give more spindles to handle IO.
The other 2 choices in my knowledge use traditional RAID.

Now that 3PAR is an HP company, you should ask the sales guys if they are ready to offer 3PAR mid range arrays.


Re: SAN choice

I'd strongly recommend adding the 3PAR offering to the list. Among other features, 3PAR has TP and Dynamic Tiering (sub-LUN level). Both are features you'll come to appreciate as the demand for capacity and performance grows on the disk array.