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SLD with VMware hosts (no peer persistence supported)


SLD with VMware hosts (no peer persistence supported)

Having trouble with SLD on 3.2.1 and VMware.


It seems the # setrcopygroup pol path_management <group> allows ALUA to detect active paths for SYNC volumes, but not SLD volumes.

For some reason, this policy is not supported on SLD volumes, but it doesn’t say why.  If it was supported I would be able to manually failover between my two head office 7400's.  Without it, my ESXi hosts cannot detect active paths.


Page 151-152



Only options I can think of are:

                A: Change the ESXi policy to Active Active (VMW_SATP_DEFAULT_AA ), and the hosts to Persona 6 (No ALUA), and then disable the paths to the standby system from the host via ‘esxcli storage copre path set –state off… commands


                B: Unexport the volumes from the standby system, and represent them when failing over.  Problem with this is that the commands (createvlun/removevlun) don’t appear to support pattern matching so big change control issue as new volumes are created.  


Is anyone else using SLD with VMware, and if so, how are you handling the paths to each SYNC site? 

(The ASYNC site has different hosts so not an issue, plus SRM handles the presentation of the VV's there.)

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