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SRA command 'discoverDevices' failed.

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SRA command 'discoverDevices' failed.

Hi, this my first post, so sorry my mistakes. Actually, I don't know where I must write this post. Probably I'm in right place :) 

Recently, I have encountered problem as below.I tried to find on Google, but I couldn't find any solutions.

SRA command 'discoverDevices' failed.

Error. Exception has occurred: A callto SSPI failed, see inner exception.
If the problem still persists, please contact HP 3PAR support for assistance.

I tried to reinstall "HPE 3PAR SRA Software", but the problem wasn't fix. Then I found a solution as below and I want to share it with you. Make them in both sites.

The fix was simply to uninstall Microsoft update KB3161606 and KB3161608 (do not forget to prevent it from reinstalling). In some cases, this is not enough and to fix the issue proceed with registry tweak as described here.

Quick synopsis is below:

Changes made to the Windows registry happen immediately, and no backup is automatically made. Do not edit the Windows registry unless you are confident about doing so.

To edit registry entry, follow these steps:

1. Click Start, click Run, type regedit in the Open box, andthen click OK.
2.Locateandthen click the following subkey in the registry:
3.On the edit Menu, point tonewand click Key, name the newKey “Diffie-Hellman“
4. Navigate the newKey created.
3.On the Edit menu, point toNew, andthen click DWORD Value.
4.Type ClientMinKeyBitLength for the nameof the DWORD, andthen press Enter.
5.Right-click ClientMinKeyBitLength, andthen click Modify.
6.In the Valuedata box, type00000200 (keep thisin hexidecimal format), andthen click OK

if your problem still persists, you can try to recreate your HPE 3PAR SRA Software certificate by using these commands.

TPDSrm is located in x:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager\storage\sra\3PARInSer


TPDSrm.exe viewcert
TPDSrm.exe removecert -sysid XXXXX
TPDSrm.exe validatecert -sys 3PAR_Name -user Username -pass Password

If everything goes well, the result will seem like as below.

I hope my mini article will help you.