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SRM with OneView

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SRM with OneView

Hi, am currently trying to wrap my head around vmware SRM using array based replication and how it works alongside OneView. We use OneView for zoning and presenting volumes to server profiles/templates from the 3par currently. it is my understanding that SRM interacts directly with 3PAr exporting / unexporting volumes to hosts as required, as this bypasses OneView does this not cause major issues with oneview not having any visibility of these changes and becoming out of sync? Any insight into this would be very helpful as i cannot find any documentation on this.


Re: SRM with OneView

OneView exports virtual volume using matched set which is not supported by SRA. Therefore SRA is unable to unexport  volumes and throws an error during the failover workflow as volumes were exported by OneView.  

However we do see some Enhancements in latest SRA version 6.5.6 as updated in HPE 3PAR Storage Replication Adapter6.5.6 for VMware® vCenter Site Recovery Manager™ Release Notes


The following enhancements have been made in the current release:
• Support for matched set export type, for exporting the devices during SRM Recovery operation. This
support can be used by enabling the TPDSrm command-line option.

For more information, refer HPE 3PAR Storage Replication Adapter 6.5.6 for VMware vCenter Site
Recovery Manager User Guide, available at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Center.


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