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SSMC 2.3 - Issues

Mark Smithers
Regular Advisor

SSMC 2.3 - Issues

Sorry if thius is in the wrong place, but I would like to share some recent troubles I have had with this versin of SSMC.

I performed an upgrade from SSMC 2.2 to 2.3 on two seperate systems and both of them crash when you try to access the Virtual Volumes seciotn.  Only way around it at present is to create a VVSet, access that in SSMC then click on the volumes..  Also, these are to two different arrays so not linked in any way at a hardware or infrastructuree level (two seperate companies)

The second really natty issue is when you set the System Reporter report retention days.  It has to be > 0, but it cant be 10, 20, 30, 40, 50...100, 101 - see a pattern there!  Not great if you want a 30 day rolling retention.

Not yet had a chance to rasie support calls for these yet.  One I can live with, the second is unexcusable. 


Re: SSMC 2.3 - Issues

The first issue is addressed in SSMC 2.3.1.

The second issue will be addressed in the next SSMC release. A workaround for the short term is to set the retention value at either 29 or 31 and adjust it when the next release is available.