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SSMC 3.5 deployment issue

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SSMC 3.5 deployment issue

I'm new to SSMC. Trying to install SSMC 3.5 appliance using vmdk on my laptop using VMWare Workstation Player. Configured with 16GB/4CPUs. Installation seems to be successful, but steps and flow mentioned in the Admin guide weren't the same, may be due to Player.

I could get it to the initial prompt with ssmcadmin/ssmcadmin and that provided the prompt for a new password. But the password change isn't allowing the login on the console with "Login Incorrect" error.

I know it doesn't seem to be a standard config, but as it gets to the prompt to change the password, I was hoping that it moves from there. Any help is appreciated.



Re: SSMC 3.5 deployment issue

You should not run the SSMC appliance on a Laptop !!!

SSMC is continously communicating with the array(s) and should be running on a ESX/HyperV server.

Regarding the password question.

If you login to the TUI/appliance-concole the very first time, the appliance will force you to change the ssmcadmin password.

Are you saying that you are not able to login with the changed password ? 

If yes, can you try the initial-default one ?


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