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Re: SSMC Admin password

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SSMC Admin password

Does anyone know how to reset the password for the SSMC Administrator console. We don't have the log in details to log in so how can it be reset?
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Re: SSMC Admin password

As mentioned in the SSMC Administrator's Guide:
If you forget the Administrator credentials, clear the password by executing the script ClearAdminCredential.bat located in the SSMC\ssmcbase folder. Run the script from an administrator command prompt window.

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Re: SSMC Admin password


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Re: SSMC Admin password

is there any changes in SSMC 3.6. Administrator Password got chagned itself and we are unable to login into it, 

there is no available guide for SSMC 3.6. Can somebody help, how can i reset my password if i do not have current ?

Re: SSMC Admin password

The password-handling and login behaviour has changed in SSMC 3.6 and there is now a feature to reset the password.

Prior to SSMC 3.6, after you had installed the appliance and when you opened the web-interface the first time, a popup window did open and you were requested to first-time-set the SSMC-Administrator credentials (login/password), which was different from the TUI-console credentials.

Starting with SSMC 3.6, when you do a new SSMC-appliance installation, the SSMC-Administrator-console login is the same as the TUI-Console login.

TUI-Console-login is "ssmcadmin". With the password that you were reqested to set/change during the first TUI-console login. 

Starting with SSMC 3.6, when logging in via the Web-GUI the first time,  SSMC asks you to configure an email-address (SMTP settings) that is used as a recovery method. If this is configured, then you can use the "forgot password" link at the SSMC-login window, which triggers an email sent to the configured address. 

Hope that helps. Fore information can be found in the SSMC 3.6 administration guide. 

Here is a short quote: Page 47 of the SSMC 3.6 admin-guide:

Resetting password for Administrator Console
• Configure SMTP to enable resetting the password at a later point in time. If the preferences are not configured, a message
appears requesting you to configure SMTP. Only an administrator has the privilege to configure SMTP.
• Provide the password recovery email for which the reset password must sent.
• Configure a password recovery email. If you do not configure recovery email, password cannot be reset.
1. Check the Administrator Console check box in the login console to see the Forgot Password link.
2. If you click Forgot Password link and the preferences are not configured, a pop-up appears. The popup message displays:
Unable to send password reset email since SMTP is not configured.
IMPORTANT: The reset password functionality (SMTP) works only when you configure DNS in SSMC TUI.
3. If preferences are configured, then a temporary password is generated and sent to the registered email address

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Re: SSMC Admin password

I just upgraded and now my previous "Administrator" password no longer works.  Working on getting that changed but your upgrade process did mess it up.  I was logged in prior since I had to do that to initiate the upgrade.


Re: SSMC Admin password

 So what do you do if you don't have smtp connectivity in place for secure environments?

I have completed the upgrade to 3.6, but am unable to login to the Admin Console to maintain certificates.

I am unable to add an smtp configuration, which would be useless anyway as SMTP out is not allowed from this DC.

Pleae advise.

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Re: SSMC Admin password

I have the SSMC Virtual Appliance installed in HyperV , how to reset the password from there. It's not allowing to login with any password.
I have upgraded the Verizon 3.5 to 3.6 and issue started
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Re: SSMC Admin password

From version 3.6 and onwards SSMC uses new general admin account called ssmcadmin. You should be using this account to make your virtual appliance and / or log in to your Administrator Console on SSMC GUI.

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Re: SSMC Admin password

It must have changed the password as well, what is the default password for the user ssmcadmin