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SSMC InfoSight connectivity issues

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SSMC InfoSight connectivity issues

Via SSMC 3.6, I am having issue with trying to update the HPE Infosight field and putting in user ID and PW.   Everytime I try to update it, it fails with the following


The following URI's failed to respond.

3/4/2020 12:39:21 PM
Action:PUT URI:/foundation/REST/preferencesservice/maadams/preferencesX timeout:30 seconds.

I have another SSMC 3.6 instance and have no issues.   Have also rebooted the SSMC appliance.   It did not help.



Re: SSMC InfoSight connectivity issues

Is the update, although reporting a timeout, working ?

If yes, then there is a known problem planned to be fixed in SSMC 3.7. 

If not, then you should open a support-case.

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Re: SSMC InfoSight connectivity issues

Note that the 'connection' is simply attempting to hit the portal (infosight.hpe.com) API on :443 so a firewall could be blocking this 

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