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Server with VMware direct to 7400

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Server with VMware direct to 7400

Hi, all


I have very strange situation.


Server has 2 FC cards (1 port cards) directly connected to 3PAR 7400 port FC 0:1:1 and 1:1:1.

Server has VMware ESX 5.5, FC card Qlogic isp2538


Setting for 3PAR FC port is:

- Connection Mode - Host

- Connection Type - Point

- Unique Node WWN - Disabled

- Configured Rate - Auto

- VLUN Change Notification- Disabled

- Interrupt Coalesce - Disabled


In status: State: Ready,  Mode: Target, Topology: Point-to-point


The problem is: in host properties (3PAR management console) I don't see WWNs of the server.

Need I change port parameters or other properties?


Thank you in advance.