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Shrink Volume possible ?


Shrink Volume possible ?

As the title suggests, is it possible to shrink a volume ?


Got a 3PAR 7400 O S3.1.3 (MU1) and a 4TB volume mapped to a Windows 2012 Hyper V Cluster that needs to be resized to 2TB.


Volume is thin provisioned.

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Re: Shrink Volume possible ?

Hi unfortunately it is not possible.  I had the same scenario recently and just shrank the volume from the OS side, as your thin provisioned you effectively won't be losing any space.  I would guess it’s a CSV you are using if in a Hyper-V cluster, so I would just double check if there is any problems with shrinking a CSV.

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Re: Shrink Volume possible ?


it is not possible to shrink a volume only to expand

HP say to use thin provision instead of shrink




Re: Shrink Volume possible ?

Dang :(


Thanks anyway

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Re: Shrink Volume possible?

>is it possible to shrink a volume?


As giladzzz said, you can only use createvvcopy to same or larger size.


I suppose if you want, you can export the VV and another smaller VV and do the physical copy on the host.

But this would require you to not access the data.