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Space claim on TDVV discs


Space claim on TDVV discs

hello community,
Is it possible that someone can explain to me in what way the deduplicated discs claim space? this disk is presented to a vmware host and because it is deduplicated, it is not possible to confirm the zero_detected parameter to run the UNMAP.

currently the disk has 6300 occupied in used (Usr) but the Tot_Rsvd is maintained in 1943373:

                                - (MB) --- - (MB) --- - (% VSize) - ---- (MB) ----- - (% VSize) - ------ (MB ) ------ -Capacity Efficiency-
   Id Name Prov Type Rsvd Used Rsvd Used Used Wrn Lim Rsvd Used Used Wrn Lim Tot_Rsvd VSize Compaction Dedup
15774 unmap_prueba2_tdvv tdvv base 2894 2301 1024 0 0.0 0 0 1939455 63000 1.5 0 0 1943373 4194304 64.2 1.0
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------
    1 total 2894 2301 1024 0 1939455 63000 1943373 4194304 64.2 1.0

I have already run a compactcpg and the storage does not recover the space

Can someone help me understand this procedure on the discs? or the only way is to remove the disk and run a compactcpg?


Re: Space claim on TDVV discs

Hi Francisco,

The Garbage Collection with in the DDS volume runs regularly, and accordingly reduces the used space on the DDS, and with further defrag and reclaim activities within the DDs/CPG, the reserved space on volume comes down gradually.

We need to validate the Garbage Collection is running in the DDs, and also need to monitor the reclamation status across few days. If there is no satisfactory progress, its recommended to raise a support ticket.


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Re: Space claim on TDVV discs

I would suggest to go through the below White paper and search with Keyword "dedup" to know all information about deduplication,



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