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StoreServ 7200 ISCSI to 6125G/XG ??

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StoreServ 7200 ISCSI to 6125G/XG ??


A customer has a C7000 Enclosure with some BL460c Gen8 servers and two 6125G/XG switches

When connecting a SS7200 directly to one 10GB SFP+ port of each 6125X/XG will work? I can use these switches to implement an ISCSI SAN?

I can't find that information in the specs of the 6125X/XG switches.
If it works... I need to add an specific mezzanine in the blade servers?
If it doesn't work.. what options for 3PAR ISCSI connectivity to blades I have?

Adding VC FlexFabric for direct attach ISCSI or FC is another option.. but its very expensive for the customer. Can he continuing using your 6125X/XG switches with 3PAR?

Thanks for help

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Re: StoreServ 7200 ISCSI to 6125G/XG ??

Hi @maxignr -  one suggestion to find answers like this it to look in SPOCK - Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge for HP Storage Products.  Isn't that just the greatest name for a tool.... EVER? 


It sounds like you might be a channel partner - I'll send you a private message to see if I can help further.


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