Support changes

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Support changes

I don’t know if most people here remember the nightmare that the lefthand support line was like about 2 years ago. Many users complained about hold times in excess of 3 hours!! Others had complained of not getting calls returned for days. To add insult to injury when calls were returned the support reprehensive was not competent enough to solve the issue. Somehow HP was able to fix the issue to certain extent and support is at a acceptable level.

Well get ready if you have a contract with HP for lefthand Armageddon part II. HP in its infinite wisdom had decided to consolidate operations at its Alpharetta, GA location and in doing so has decided to put management interests ahead of its customer base. Currently Alpharetta houses what HP calls level 1 support. The location they are closing hosts the level 2 support. After much struggle and hard work this group is finally able to support the complex product that lefthand is. With the closing of the facility that houses about 75% of the level 2 personal owners of support contracts should be ready for extremely long hold times and issues dragging out for days. This will not be a temporary situation as it will take months to bring all of the new personal up to date. Why do I say new personal?, because management has decided to fire all of the personal at this US facility. I guess they have decided that will offer the lefthand customer base as a sacrificial lamb in order to have all support personal in one building to satisfy the ego of one the managers who insists that he have all people in one building.

So if you are going to renew your contract be ready.

Lefthand Armageddon is on the horizon.

If you want to avoid this situation contact your sales representative and let them know you will not tolerate the long hold times and inevitable nightmare that is fourth coming. Let HP know that the needs of the 1 (VP of Customer Operations) do not outweigh the needs of their loyal customers who pay good money for support contracts. This could be a way for HP to finally bury the lefthand product and guide users to 3Par perhaps.