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Table of contents (TOC) quorum not reached. 3par7400

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Table of contents (TOC) quorum not reached. 3par7400


im in state after restart 3par7400 3.2.2 mu2

TOCs found:
Invalid TOC: Name(1947768) Sysid(47768) Gen(154901) Modified(2020-01-31 03:56:05 IRST) Disk count(13/22)
Not enough TOCs of this generation to make quorum (60% needed).
1 disks were considered invalid TOC sources due to invalid TOC headers.

i have live data in this storage and cant used wipe sulotion
i was connect each 4 node mfg port and in whack mode reset node and used command setsysmgr -f tocgen but dosnt work and dont show anythig



Re: Table of contents (TOC) quorum not reached. 3par7400

Hello  arashk0

     Firstly its not advisable to force a boot with an invalic TOC which may result in data loss.

Please check if the nodes are all online ( Check LED status on all nodes ) and if all the cages are online and power supplies are all OK. 

If they are all confirmed good, you may need to power cycle the array. 

Shutdown the system gracefully 

Power off the disk cages  ( do not power cycle the nodes/node cage )

Give it a few minutes before powering on disk enclosures. 

Power on one disk enclosure at a time and allow it to come up fully. Ensure cage LEDs are all green. 

Now, Use whack and reset nodes one after the other without much delay in between.





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