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Try to replace failed disk (3PAR 7200)

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Try to replace failed disk (3PAR 7200)

Hello :

We have a 3par 7200 with 24 disks , today pdid:6 failed. I tried these steps:

1. serviemag start 0 6  

2. servicemag status -d      and  check log "success"

3. locatecage -t 60 cage0 6

4. Remove failed disk

5. Insert into new disk.

6. admitpd (Fail)

if my 3par has 24 disk license , can I admitpd new disk before I dismisspd failed disk? 

Because when I run

#checkhealth node pd
Checking node
Checking pd
Node,Nodes that are not online,1
PD,PD count exceeds licensed quantity,1
PD,Cages with unbalanced disks,1
PD,Magazines with active servicemag operations in progress,1
PD,PDs that are degraded,24
PD,PDs that are failed,1

7.servicemag resume 0 6 (failed)

Should I remove spares and chunklets from bad disk , then dismisspd the bad disk?

I must make mistakes, because showpd -s output :

0:6:0?, FC,failed,"vacated,missing,invalid_media........."

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Re: Try to replace failed disk (3PAR 7200)

You obviously have a bad node too, better contact HPE support!


However, in a 3PAR 7000 it works like this:


- a disk fails

- servicemag start runs automatically

- once all data is redundant again and the failed disk is vacated, the amber LED will turn on for this disk

- you replace the disk

- servicemag resume starts automatically

- once servicemag has finished, the old disk will be dismissed


What does the "servicemag status -d" is telling you now?

Hope this helps!

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Re: Try to replace failed disk (3PAR 7200)

Hi Torsten:

Thanks for your reply. It seems that 3par run servicemag resume 0 6 automatically. but always failed.

And the error was new disk not admitted.

I will contact HP support later, thanks for your help.