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Tunenodech process

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Tunenodech process


We have performed a number of volume tuning and CPG compacts recently due to performance and capacity issues on our 3PAR.

This seems to of caused the system tuning processes to kick into overdrive, they've been running for 4 days now, we currently have a tunenodech process running which is 26% complete.

I'd like to run another couple of volume tuning processes to satisfy some other performance issues.  Would this be a good idea to do while the tuning processes are running?  The volumes are up to 1Tb in size so will take a while to run and I'm concerned it would cause performance issues on a heavily utilised system.

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Re: Tunenodech process


Not sure for what reason tunenodech is running but as per tunesys operation there is one option called "maxnodetasks" which actually control maximum number of tunenodech(intra-node) can run simultaneously. It must be between 1 and 8. Default value is 1

So you need to check live performance of the array and impact, based on that you decide if any new tune can be initiated.

Having said that tune and compactcpg shouldn't be run together because both may clash at a point where both look for same region to move from one LD to another LD.


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