HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage

Unable to start volume driver HP3PARISCSIDriver.

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Unable to start volume driver HP3PARISCSIDriver.


We are going to add HP 3PAR StorageServ Storage for our openstack cloud setup.

But our storage service cinder get's the warning that "Unable to update stats, HP3PARISCSIDriver -2.0.17 (config name hp_iscsi_only_nl) driver is uninitialized."

Disconnect from 3PAR REST and SSH d3fba4c9-64ee-411b-8802-27b2b9cfe732.

For the request "REQ: curl -i"

we get the following response message

RESP BODY:{"code":270,"desc":" System is too busy. Please try again later"}

We are blocked on the issue, any help will be appreciated.

I am ready to provide further information if anyone is interested to provide help.