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Update SP TO sp 5.0.2 FAILED!


Update SP TO sp 5.0.2 FAILED!

I want to update my Service Processor to the latest version (5.0.2)

When I try to update, it loads the ISO but after that it says:

SP Package 3PAR_Virt_SP_5.0.2_MU2_Hyper_V_SW_QR482-11274 loading failed. Cause: Invalid ISO image for SP update

My current Hyper-V SP is:

My current 3PAR OS is: (MU1)+P07,P11

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Re: Update SP TO sp 5.0.2 FAILED!

I failed the same way years ago




For SP updates you ALWAYS need the image for a PHYSICAL SP, not a virtual SP.


The virtual SP image is just a ready to use virtual machine, the physical image can be used for updates, even for a virtual machine.

Hope this helps!

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