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VSP AD Integration

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VSP AD Integration

Not able to find any document providing information on integarting AD to access VSP console.

Kindly advise in case if this is even possible or not.

Sheldon Smith

Re: VSP AD Integration

The 3PAR Service Processor is an appliance intended for maintenance of the 3PAR system. It is not intended for day-to-day operation. It does not integrate with Windows AD. 
Please look at the SSMC documentation available from the HPE Information Library (www.hpe.com/info/storage/docs)  for day-to-day operation and integration of the 3PAR system itself with Windows AD.

The 3PAR Service Processor manuals available from the HPE Information Library (www.hpe.com/info/storage/docs) document what user IDs come with the appliance and which ones you can change.

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