VV tuning

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VV tuning

I’m looking to tune some replicated VVs to a new CPG.
Will I have to stop replication and remove the volume from the RC group prior to running this?
Also will I have to do the same if I want to tune the volume an existing CPG? Thanks in advance.

Re: VV tuning

Hi Marcy,

No need to stop replication and remove Rcopy volume from the group while doing TuneVV.

TuneVV operation may be done either on primary or secondary when replication is running.


Srinivas Bhat

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Sheldon Smith

Re: VV tuning

As long as a new volume is not created as a result, you can modify online.

Changing with any of -tpvv, -dedup, -full, or -compr options requires a new volume to which the existing volume's data is copied. That means new snapshots; stop the application and dismount the volume first.

Just moving from CPG to CPG is not a problem.

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