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Volume Sizing Performance


Volume Sizing Performance

We have a 8540 all flash we're implementing into a production environment as a first test of the 3PAR products that we'd like to shift too.

In the case of our demo we have a Xen cloud cluster (one pool for AMD CPU compute notes and another pool for Intel).

Usually what we'd do in ZFS was setup a pool for each compute pool.   So we would have 2 pools that are about 30TB in side for each pool.

For this demo, if we create a large volme, say 20TB (iSCSI) and then format it and use it this would fit our normal operations.  However, my reading has indicated that 20TB would be a HUGE single volume and I am wondering if there would be a huge performance hit by creating such a large volume?

If there is a huge performance hit, what is the suggested utiliztion when working as block storage for VMs?  I can't imagine we want to go through the process of creating a volume in the 3PAR to mimic each VDI we create in Xen?




Re: Volume Sizing Performance

Hello @LightSpeedHost,

3PAR supports volume size up to 64TiB. So, 20-30 TiB is fine from the compatibility/support perspective.

If you are doing a high IOps performance testing, please ensure enough ports and bandwidth are available to handle the high amount of read/write operations from several VMs together. So that there is no bottleneck at ports level.

Srinivas Bhat

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Re: Volume Sizing Performance

Thank you.  I am putting this into xen cluster today and running some testing.  I've been using a dedicated dual 10Gbps server to throw IO load on it and today I am hoping to spin up a bunch of VM's against it, use MPIO and see if I can max out the four 10G links on this unit and see how it performs.  It's HIGHLY unrealistic that a real world scenario would ever look like this but I am super curious to see what it can do ha!