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What are locked blocks?

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What are locked blocks?

We had our pair of T10000's upgraded to 3.2.1 over the weekend. We're very happy with the reduced latency from the express writes and I'm very excited to implement some AFC.


However, since the upgrade I've seen an increase in 'locked blocks' in the Cache performance charts.

We aren't currently seeing an issue, but I've been Googling like mad and can't find out what a locked block actually is.
Any ideas?


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Re: What are locked blocks?

As far as I understand these blocks have write requests from different hosts at the same time while still in cache.

Hope this helps!

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Re: What are locked blocks?

According to the CLI Users Guide


  • LockBlk.
    • Number of pages being modified by host I/O that are temporarily blocked because page is being written to disk by the flusher.