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Will vvolume auto grow beyond its allocated size?

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Will vvolume auto grow beyond its allocated size?


will a vvolume auto grow beyond its size set with createvv?

a previous admin has created a lot of thin vvolumes with allocation limits and warnings. As users write into the space they have been given, by sizing at the Lun level, we start to get warnings and critical alerts on the console. I don't think we need these. We do not overprovision, and so users are just taking what they are allowed, so I think this is not a big deal. Is this right?

However, the alerts are causing real pain, as the operators see yellow and red warnings on their screen and are concerned ,so understandably they call out the storage team. A lot.

if I turn all these volume warning and alerts off, is there a danger of a vvolume growing beyond its allocated size, or is the size pretty much the same as the user-al allocation limit? In other words, Will the vvolume stop at its size, or could it keep growing to take up more and more space until it is all gone?

Maybe I should be looking more at setting alerts on the cpgs or physical space available to stop overallocation, leading to space shortages, and ultimately write errors for apps?

thanks for any guidance.

Dennis Handly
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Re: Will VV auto grow beyond its allocated size?

No.  You would have to use growvv to make it bigger.

If you don't overprovision, you shouldn't have problems unless you want these alerts to let you know when you need to do the growvv.