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big IO Size in 3par

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big IO Size in 3par

hello cominity, checking storage performance in my work i saw a VV which has high BW but IO size is very large (max 750KB) normally when i see VV with 400KB service time is high but in in this case the service time of this VV has between 60 and 100 ms ... the disk for this storage is FC and NL ... is this behavior normal? is it possible to control these packages?


the Storage is a HP_3PAR 7400 with firmware version 3.2.2 (MU6)



Sheldon Smith

Re: big IO Size in 3par

Hello. "Is it normal?" Having no idea about what applications are running on the volume, I can only assume "yes". Something occasionally uses huge IOs.
Lots of IOs x big IO size = high throughput.

Not sure what might be using that large an IO size, but it's driven by the application. You need to find out what the application is and what it is doing. Then you can figure out if it can do it at a different time of day.

I'd also suggest considering adding additional FC or even SSD drives. However being a 7400, you really should start looking at moving to something newer such as an HPE Nimble or HPE Primera. Before the 7400 goes End-of-Support.

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Re: big IO Size in 3par


As per the graph it seems you are running read intensive IO more and that's why read Io size high compare to write IO. You need to control IO size at the Host Operating system and application level only.

Please note 3PAR process data in 16KB pages only. So in order to get good performance it's always good to get 8KB or 16KB IO size from Host.

As a starting you can set 128KB or 256KB at the Host end and check your application performance. Accordingly you can adjust or tune it further.


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