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calculate over-provisioning

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calculate over-provisioning

Does anyone know how to calculate over-provisioning on the 3PAR.  We are wonding how much disk we have prestned out based on the physical amount.  The 3APR doesn't seem to have a easy way to show you this like other arrays.



Dennis Handly
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Re: calculate over-provisioning

If you do a showvv, the last 4 columns show you the used sizes and the max size:

0 admin full base --- 0 RW normal 0 0 10240 10240
1461 XartVv63 tpvv base --- 1461 RW normal 384 2048 1536 1024
1463 XartVv63.ss.1 snp vcopy XartVv63 1461 RW normal -- -- -- 1024


So the sum of the first three divided by the last should show you what factor you're using.


There is also "showcpg -s".