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can not connect to 3par managment

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can not connect to 3par managment

Hi Guys

i Buying hp3par 7200.

for first used i connect this storage to power and power on pdu and storage.

after 1 hour all drive led is green and no blinking.i try to connecct to storage with default ip but i can not and not ping.try connect to console but when connect via putty no thing view and can not connect to concole???

how do i do????

do storage not power on during 24h after this time powering on????


i have not phisical SP and not have vmware vsp ovf????

i must connect to vsp??? if true how download ovf???? no any dvd in 3par box???

help me

3par connect , ovf,
Dennis Handly
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Re: cannot connect to 3PAR managment

You'll need a SP or VSP to manage the array.


>how to download VSP software ovf.


I assume that when you bought the array they would have told you the URL.

I found:


It mentions DVD is included but says to contact HP Support if not.