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difference volumetry storage data betwen VCENTER and 3PAR

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difference volumetry storage data betwen VCENTER and 3PAR


Excuse my translation, I am new to bay 3PAR.

I do not understand the volumetry of storage between what vcenter says and 3par bay

On vcenter I have datastore with free space 

DATASTORES                        FreeSpaceGB                           CapacityGB

OHC_VV_BALANCED_01             11852,933                           16383,75
OHC_VV_PERFS_01                       3153,494                           16383,75
OHC_VV_COST_01                         1897,857                           16383,75
OHC_VV_BALANCED_02            12698,355                           16383,75
OHC_VV_PERFS_02                      4382,443                           18431,5
OHC_VV_PERFS_03                       2527,474                           16383,75
OHC_VV_PERFS_04                      4028,863                           20383,75
OHC_VV_PERFS_05                       2697,505                           16383,75
OHC_VV_NL_01                             12475,924                          17883,75



On bay 3par I do not have the same storage information :

VV                                            Total Used                        FreeSpaceGB (Virtualsize-total used)    Virtual size

OHC_VV_BALANCED_01       13255,49                                           3128,26                                        16383,75
OHC_VV_PERFS_01                13569,2                                             2814,55                                       16383,75
OHC_VV_COST_01                  14694,05                                            1689,7                                       16383,75
OHC_VV_BALANCED_02       12166,97                                           4216,78                                       16383,75
OHC_VV_PERFS_02                6379,79                                             2051,71                                       18431,5
OHC_VV_PERFS_03                5341,7                                              1042,05                                       16383,75
OHC_VV_PERFS_04                17612,05                                             2771,7                                       20383,75
OHC_VV_PERFS_05                15859,04                                            524,71                                       16383,75
OHC_VV_NL_01                       17342,41                                             541,34                                       17883,75

We do not find the same free space data betwen 3PAR and VCENTER

if anyone can help me interpret this data ? :)


Sheldon Smith

Re: difference volumetry storage data betwen VCENTER and 3PAR

It would appear the 3PAR virtual volumes have been functioning as vCenter datastores for some time now. Note that, for example, OHC_VV_BALANCED_01 at some time required 13255,49 GB of RAID storage on the 3PAR to hold all the files and data with 3128,26 GB free. Currently vCenter is now showing 11852,933 free, indicating somewhere around 8725 GB was deleted over time from within the datastore.

Being thinly provisioned, the 3PAR virtual volumes hold non-zero data. While that 8725 GB of data was marked "deleted" and is again available for vCenter to use, the file and data bits are still out on the virtual disks in the datastore. The operating system using the virtual disk needs to either clean up as files are deleted, or write one or more large temporary binary zero-filled files to the virtual disk so as to overwrite the no-longer-needed non-zero data. 

Go to the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Information Library (https://www.hpe.com/info/storage/docs), and read

  1. HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage Concepts Guide
  2. technical paper on Adaptive Data Reduction Technologies

Note: While I am an HPE Employee, all of my comments (whether noted or not), are my own and are not any official representation of the company

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Re: difference volumetry storage data betwen VCENTER and 3PAR

And practical, simply use:

esxcli storage vmfs unmap -l OHC_VV_BALANCED_01

While you are waiting (maybe 1/2 - 1 Hour), you can see the dropping used Space in the SSMC.

Do it not in High Production Time.

I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.