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error when removing permanent magazine, in hp 3par v400

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error when removing permanent magazine, in hp 3par v400


I have a computer with no warranty, that needs to remove DC4 magazine, which has 3 disk in failure.
For which you initially use the servicemag command but this command did not end well, the servicemag unmark command was executed and the disk lost its pdid,

attached team information

Cage 0, magazine 8:
A servicemag start command failed on this magazine.
The command completed at Wed May 8 16:21:32 2019.
The output of the servicemag start was:
Failed --
Unable to run servicemag Start command. Servicemag is either active or has failed for this cage and magazine.
Please rectify any error conditions and issue "servicemag unmark" before retrying.

servicemag start -wait 0 8 -- Failed


# cli% showpd -path
Id CagePos Type -State- A B Order
--- 0:8:0 FC new 0:6:1 1:6:1 0/1
--- 0:8:1 FC failed 0:6:1 1:6:1 -/-
--- 0:8:2 FC failed 0:6:1 1:6:1 -/-
--- 0:8:3 FC failed 0:6:1 1:6:1 -/-

# cli% showpd
----Size(MB)----- ----Ports----
Id CagePos Type RPM State Total Free A B Capacity(GB)
--- 0:8:0 FC 15 new 559104 0 0:6:1* 1:6:1 600
--- 0:8:1 FC 15 failed 0 0 0:6:1- 1:6:1- --
--- 0:8:2 FC 15 failed 0 0 0:6:1- 1:6:1- --
--- 0:8:3 FC 15 failed 0 0 0:6:1- 1:6:1- --

#cli% showversion

Release version 3.2.1 (MU5)
Patches: P39,P49

Component Name Version
CLI Server 3.2.1 (MU5)
CLI Client 3.2.1
System Manager 3.2.1 (P39)
Kernel 3.2.1 (MU5)
TPD Kernel Code 3.2.1 (MU5)
TPD Kernel Patch 3.2.1 (P49)

# cli% showcage -d cage0
Id Name LoopA Pos.A LoopB Pos.B Drives Temp RevA RevB Model Side
0 cage0 0:6:1 0 1:6:1 0 36 11-29 2.64 2.64 DC4 n/a

-----------Cage detail info for cage0 ---------

Position: cabinet00 D0

Fibre Channel Info PortA0 PortB0 PortA1 PortB1
Link_Speed 4Gbps -- -- 4Gbps

----------------------------------SFP Info-----------------------------------
FCAL SFP -State- --Manufacturer-- MaxSpeed(Gbps) TXDisable TXFault RXLoss DDM
0 0 OK FINISAR CORP. 4.2 No No No Yes
1 1 OK FINISAR CORP. 4.2 No No No Yes

Interface Board Info FCAL0 FCAL1
Link A RXLEDs Green Off
Link A TXLEDs Green Off
Link B RXLEDs Off Green
Link B TXLEDs Off Green
LED(Loop_Split) Off Off
LEDS(system,hotplug) Green,Off Green,Off

-----------Midplane Info-----------
Firmware_status Current
Product_Rev 2.64
State Normal Op
Loop_Split 0
VendorId,ProductId 3PARdata,DC4
Unique_ID 106203000037FF00

Power Supply Info State Fan State AC Assy_Part
ps0 OK OK OK PO1
ps1 OK OK OK PO1
ps2 OK OK OK PO1
ps3 OK OK OK PO1

-----Magazine Info----- ------------State------------
Mag SysLED HplLED Disks LoopA LoopB

8 Green Off 4 Ready Ready

-------------Drive Info------------- ------------LoopA------------- ------------LoopB-------------
Drive NodeWWN LED Temp(C) ALPA LoopState ALPA LoopState

8:0 2000b45253703f10 Green 27 0xac OK 0xac OK
8:1 2000b45253cc018a Green N/A 0xab Sys Mgr spundown 0xab Sys Mgr spundown
8:2 2000b45253d11b33 Amber N/A 0xaa Sys Mgr spundown 0xaa Sys Mgr spundown
8:3 2000b452537040ac Green N/A 0xa9 Sys Mgr spundown 0xa9 Sys Mgr spundown



I will appreciate any possible help.



Re: error when removing permanent magazine, in hp 3par v400

Hello Jpalma2001

You would need to vacate the remaining disk in the magazine manually before removing the magazine.

You may find the below threads helpful in removing the PD.


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