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historic login session


historic login session

hi Comunity,

I need to know how I can see the historical session of all users in our storage 3par and I need to know how long this information stays in the storage, does anyone know any command or file in the SP to check that?

thank in advance


Re: historic login session

Hello Franc,

Please initiate insplore data collection immediately. Insplore contains all the historic logs for minimum 30 days. Here is the procedure to initiate insplore data:

Insplore logs:
1. Log into SPOCC by opening a browser window and place the IP address of the Service processor on the address bar and login.
2. Click on Support
3. Under the Action box Click on "Insplore".
4. Another window will open up and show the status of Insplore log collection. This will take several minutes to finish.
5. When finished Click on "Files" on far left top.
6. Click on "files" folder.
7. Click on the folder that is the system serial number.
8. Click on "insplore" and click on "download" to save the file.

Please let me know after you download these log files. I will check and try to assist with the exact file to look for user activities.


Srinivas Bhat

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Sheldon Smith

Re: historic login session

If you are looking for long-term ongoing history, you need to point the 3PAR at a syslog server with the "setsys" command.

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