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monitoring SAN devices using HP SIM

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monitoring SAN devices using HP SIM

Hi All,


newbie here being asked to monitor a new solution not yet in place, so trying to design a workable solution.


4 device types will be used and I would like to know how best to setup alert monitoring on them.

 I assume they will feed into HP SIM  but I am finding it nigh on impossible to find any information in the knowledgebase. so hopefull there are some experts on here who could help me....


HP DC04 directors

HP 3PAR V800 Inserve Storage Systems

HP X9720Network Storage Systems

HP B6200 Backup Devices.


are there specific HP SIM agents integrated, on board admin cards, any other software on these devices which will enable alerts to be forwarded to SIM or HP OM ?


any help would be greatly appreciated as I have spent ages "googling" this for myself.





Prakash Singh_1
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Re: monitoring SAN devices using HP SIM



For querries/solutions regarding HP 3PAR storage and other HP Storage systems you can also look at the HP guided troubleshooting tree.


Link for the same is below:



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Re: monitoring SAN devices using HP SIM

I think all of these devices can send SNMP traps and email alerts.

Hope this helps!

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