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peer persistence convert to 3DC PP


peer persistence convert to 3DC PP


I met a problem in the PP converting to 3DC-PP. Three 3par systems are OS 3.3.1. A and B are currently running as peer persistence. When Adding the third storage C (cabling and zoning), the rcopy link A->C, B->C are alway down.


3par_A cli% showrctransport -rcfc

N:S:P Peer_Node_WWN    Peer_Port_WWN    State

2:0:2 2FF70002AC021FA9 21020002AC021FA9 new 

3:0:2 2FF70002AC021FA9 20010002AC021FA9 new 

1:0:2 2FF70002AC01D245 21020002AC01D245 ready               #This is current pp rcopy link

0:0:2 2FF70002AC01D245 20020002AC01D245 ready             #This is current pp rcopy link



3par_B cli% showrctransport -rcfc

N:S:P Peer_Node_WWN    Peer_Port_WWN    State

3:0:2 2FF70002AC021FA9 23010002AC021FA9 new 

2:0:2 2FF70002AC021FA9 22020002AC021FA9 new 

1:0:2 2FF70002AC01D226 21020002AC01D226 ready              #This is current pp rcopy link

0:0:2 2FF70002AC01D226 20020002AC01D226 ready            #This is current pp rcopy link



3par_C cli% showrctransport

N:S:P Peer_Address     Address          State Type

3:0:1 23020002AC01D245 23010002AC021FA9 new   rcfc

2:0:2 22020002AC01D245 22020002AC021FA9 new   rcfc

1:0:2 22020002AC01D226 21020002AC021FA9 new   rcfc

0:0:1 23020002AC01D226 20010002AC021FA9 new   rcfc

 From "showrctransport -rcfc", the new added rcfc links are new, not the ready status. So I do the "creatercopytarget" to establish the rc link. Do the "creatercopytarget" in A/B/C.

A: creatercopytarget 3par_C FC 2FF70002AC021FA9 2:0:2: 21020002AC021FA9 3:0:2: 20010002AC021FA9

C: creatercopytarget 3Par_A FC 2FF70002AC01D226 0:0:1:23020002AC01D226 1:0:2: 22020002AC01D226

the B &C ......


But when showrcopy links, the new rcopy links are all down. What should I do next? Thanks for the advice!

3par_A cli% showrcopy links

Remote Copy System Information

Status: Started, Normal

Link Information

Target     Node  Address          Status Options

HIS_3PAR_B 0:0:2 20020002AC01D245 Up     -     

HIS_3PAR_B 1:0:2 21020002AC01D245 Up     -     

HIS_Backup 2:0:2 21020002AC021FA9 Down   -                   

HIS_Backup 3:0:2 20010002AC021FA9 Down   -                       

receive    0:0:2 20020002AC01D245 Up     -     

receive    1:0:2 21020002AC01D245 Up     -     

receive    2:0:2 21020002AC021FA9 Up     -     

receive    3:0:2 20010002AC021FA9 Up     -  




Re: peer persistence convert to 3DC PP

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