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Re: remote copy restore or reverse/switchover

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remote copy restore or reverse/switchover


I have a question about 3par remote coyp failover procedure... Assume that an synchronous rcopygroup is replicated from 3parA to 3parB.

After a failover, B becomes to primary-rev. then the recover makes A become to secondary-rev, and the rcopy status will be synced.

I believe there are two ways to resume original rcopy direction.

a)  setrcopygroup restore, A will resume to be primary, and B is seconday.

b) setrcopygroup reverse -natrual <group_name>           # B transfer from primary-rev to primary. A transfer from secondary-rev to secondary.

     setrcipygroup switchover <group_name>                   #switchover the direction, A is primary, B is secondary.

So, normally which is better? and what is the difference of the two ways.. Thanks in advance!



Re: remote copy restore or reverse/switchover

Hi Dennishen,

In case of Synchronous Replication group (Not part of Peer persistence), the preferred method is "setrcopygroup restore".

This is because there is no path_management option used in the Remote copy group, and the secondary side volumes are not exported to the host, and the failover / failback is done manually.

And in case of Peer persistence setup, the preferred method is to use "setrcopygroup reverse -natural" and then use the "setrcopygroup switchover",

This is because the Peer persistence groups uses Path_management option, and hence exported from both primary and secondary sides.

Hence the host transparent switchover can be done on the peer persistence group.

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