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used capacity (raw) GB increasing on 3PAR 8200

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used capacity (raw) GB increasing on 3PAR 8200

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We record the Total & allocated (raw) (GB) capacity of our 3Par's on a weekly basis . Since the begining of September we can see that used the raw capacity on one of our x2 3par's has increased by around 1.5 Tb and so looking to identify which Host /disks the increase in capacity relates to. I generated a VV space report which shows (amongst other things) the total raw reserved space for each of the disks on a particular host. (and which allows me to drill down so that I can compare usage between particular days). I know that the increase began on the 1st September so was going to generate a similar set of reports (see attached file for details of the associated settings for the report) for each of the x4 hosts/associated disks on the 3PAR to try and identify which disks have increased their allocation/usage.

I am working on the basis here that running this report for all 4 hosts/associated disks with "raw reserved space"  selected under the assocaited element will tell me which of the hosts/disks are responsbible for causing the increase in raw capacity on the 3par (or i should i be running a different report 





Re: used capacity (raw) GB increasing on 3PAR 8200

Hello Paolo_c,

I am unable to find the attached file.

But I feel that, you should also check the VV Rsvd Space, VV used Space, along with VV Raw Rsvd Space to get clearer view what is going on.




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