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3440 MP Reset .. just username

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3440 MP Reset .. just username


We locked outselfs out of an MP..


I know there is a way to just reset the MP username back to admin admin ...

And a way to take the mp all of the way back to default ..


But I dont remember which is which ...

Is a full reset greater than 10 seconds?

Or is that just the username reset?


Thanks in advance.

(did a search but this new itrc is not very search friendly yet)

Honored Contributor

Re: 3440 MP Reset .. just username

  1. Connect a terminal (or a PC with a terminal emulator) to the MP console with a serial cable and make sure you can see the MP login prompt with it. The MP network connection will not work for this procedure, you definitely need a local serial console.
  2. Locate the MP reset button.
  3. Press and hold the MP reset button for more than 4 seconds, then release it. While the MP is resetting, look at the terminal screen: there should be a prompt that says "press <some key> to reset MP usernames/passwords". Press that key on the terminal. The prompt is visible for a short time only: retry the procedure if you miss it.

I think it only resets the usernames and passwords; after that, you can use MP commands normally to reset everything else. But even if I'm wrong, you should know (or have already documented) any non-default MP settings you need for your environment.

Dennis Handly
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Re: 3440 MP Reset .. just username

Is this a rp3440 or rx3440?


>did a search but this new EBC is not very search friendly yet)


Did you look at the search tips: