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4440 Connection to Cyclades

Mike L Moranty
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4440 Connection to Cyclades

Does anyone know how to connect a 4440 to a Cyclades switch. I am unable to establish a connection using the 9 pin serial port through a Cyclades but can using a direct terminal cable connection.
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Re: 4440 Connection to Cyclades

Hi Mike,

I have no experience with that particlar switch, but here's the pinout diagrams for both server and switches that may help you:



More specific info here to pick your particular switch:



Francis Noël
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Re: 4440 Connection to Cyclades

Hi Mike

Dont forget you also need to match the com settings of the cyclades port to those of the MP.

We've used these (TS800) for a number of years and the have been a valuable asset.

Consider purchasing product AB500A (ILO Advanced Pak). It enables SSH access to the MP through its LAN port. We've installed it on our rp3440, disabled all other protocols on the MP LAN port and never looked back.
Mel Burslan
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Re: 4440 Connection to Cyclades

Even though your problem description is not very clear, are you sure the RJ45 to D-9 converter you are using is made by Avocent/Cyclades and made especially for the HP servers ? I had the connections diagram at one time but lost it. As far as I can remember, you need to short two of the used pins for it to work properly. I tried to imitate it with a kit purchased from Fruyy's electronics for $3 and all I did was burn my fingertips trying to get the shorting wire placed and soldered in a cramped spot. Unless this is something you need right here and right now, I suggest contacting avocent and ordering am original dongle. My serial remote console infrastructure, runs on Cyclades ACS-48s and I had no problems with their dongles. We ordered 2 of the 50 packs and there still are some laying around. I can look up the number if you need but if you call Avocent sales, they should know it.
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Bill Hassell
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Re: 4440 Connection to Cyclades

The Cyclades products use a fairly non-standard serial port layout so you need special Cyclades adapters (or buy one of each and reverse engineer the connections to make your own adapters). Like *all* RS-232 connections, there are straight-thru and crossover connections. You need to match the adapters with the equipment. 99% of computers, network appliances, disk arrays, etc are known as DTE or terminal equipment. However, Brocade decided to ignore this standard and many of their SAN switches are configured as DCE or communication (modem) equipment. Personally, I would buy the adapaters -- it's a pain to find all the parts and do all that soldering...

Bill Hassell, sysadmin