HPE 9000 and HPE e3000 Servers
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5 Instant Database


5 Instant Database

Dear all

I have two identical HP rp8400 servers and SAN solution as show in the drawing. I use UNIX Operating systems

I have 5 physical Database and I want to put two databases on the first server and the three database on the other server, does one RAC (OPS) is enough in my case? Or I need more than one RAC in order to chive no single point of failure.
In other words is there any limitation for the Operating system?

Does the RAC works on the level of the heartbeat or not?

Finally, I would like to hear from you what u suggest or if there is any other solution to me in this case
Thank you very much
Tim Sanko
Trusted Contributor

Re: 5 Instant Database

If you are going to MC serviceguard the two servers, you can achieve the "no single point of failure". Then the resources will be cluster resources, and all DB's will be accessible from either piece of hardware.

With simple scripting there can be single login, and a menuselectable environment set up.

If reliability is truly that precious, then that is what I would do...