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Re: 5062-3054 and serial connections


5062-3054 and serial connections

Can I connect some serial consoles (for managings routers or switches by using the console port, for example) to a MDP RS 232-C Full Modem?

If not, what is this peripheral for? and What kind of apparatus can connect to it? The MDP shows a Warning that says "Connect only apparatus complying with BS6301 to these ports", but I don't know what rule is BS6301 and I haven't found any information about it.

Thank you very much in advance.
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Re: 5062-3054 and serial connections

If you don't mind me asking, what are you trying to accomplish by using such and antiquated piece of hardware. All I remember from the dark days of the past, we have used these mux boards to connect fax/modems for a strange piece of software who faxed out documents to other people. And even at that time, it was an unreliable way of doing this and whole board locked up so often that it was barely usable without a daily reset. Most probably, whatever you are trying to do with it, is available to you, using a network based approach rather than a serial connection.

If I were you I would not waste my time with it.
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Re: 5062-3054 and serial connections

The 5062-3054 mux panel is used with the following HP hardware

HP 9000 8x7, E, F, G, H, & I servers
HP J2064A 16 channel mux card
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Re: 5062-3054 and serial connections

This is a multiplexer to allow sharing of serial ports to a single mux port. You need a mux driver in order to get it work. connecting it directly to your router ports can work provided the multiplexer is configured to use with the HP servers or DTC.