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700/96 (C1064) dumb terminal "modern" replacement

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700/96 (C1064) dumb terminal "modern" replacement

I have many HPUX 9000 servers. I have a couple HP 700/96 (C1064) dumb terminals connected via rs232 as consoles. Yes I also use web based remote console. But there are times the good old fashion direct attached console works best.

My IT director asked me to find "modern" replacements. In other words a LCD flat screen dumb terminal, not a CRT terminal. Does anyone know does anyone make a LCD dumb terminal. Just rs232 LCD screen and keyboard. Not a PC or "thin client", just a dumb terminal but with a LCD screen. Oh yeah, full size say 15-17 inch 24 by 80, not a small device, a regular dumb terminal. Any help?

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Re: 700/96 (C1064) dumb terminal "modern" replacement

I remember HP came with a "thin" thin cient which had a preloaded software with terminal emulation. This thin client did not have any other feature.



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Re: 700/96 (C1064) dumb terminal "modern" replacement

You can connect LCD monitors to 9000 boxes via HP X-terminals. I attached a link below...



Re: 700/96 (C1064) dumb terminal "modern" replacement

You might be able to use a "console terminal server".  We use some old ones (1998 vintage) for our old Suns.  You connect the RS-232 to a port in the terminal server and then access it via the net.  We have an old workstation in the datacenter we use to connect to them.

I found a modern link for one:



I did a google for RS232 console.