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Re: 7410 firmware updates

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7410 firmware updates

Is there any specific order that I should do the updates? I carefully read the pdf that came with the package but it does not say.

Here are my rev's

gpm= 1.02
fm = 1.02
osp= 1.1
lpm= 1.2
hs = 1.0
lpm= 2.01
bob= 1.00
drain = 1.00
sinc = 2.00
pdc = 15.007
fpga = 1.0
mp = 2.08

Many need updates but what order should they be loaded?


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Re: 7410 firmware updates

When I use FW to updat the firmware I only have options to update the MP, PDHC, and PDC, so what are the other files for?
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Re: 7410 firmware updates


I believe you download v.6.5 as it is the latest version. Try to download v.6.4, the documents include stey by step guide to upgrade firmware


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Re: 7410 firmware updates

Yes, you have to follow the proper order to update current quite old firmware rev's ( 3.01 ). If you read the release notes document properly, you can make out the order. You have to upgrade the firmware to 4.0/4.11 first. Then move on to 5.0 then 6.0. From 6.0 you can jump to 6.5 ( latest ).

You might want to confirm about the order with HP support as firmware upgrade is very critical activity.

The other firmware files are related to various h/w components within the server like Cell board, PCI backplane, System Backplane. They are classified in the same release notes document.

I don't see the version 4.0/4.11 for download at


Hence you have to contact HP support to get the version and move from there.
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Re: 7410 firmware updates

Wanted to add about the other firmwares.

Those firmwares gets installed/upgraded alongwith PDC/PDHC when you select the PDC and PDHC entities options in FW.

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Re: 7410 firmware updates

Thanks for all the great info. I checked out the 6.4 PDF and it indeed DOES contain more complete information than the 6.5 document, that will help greatly.

I called hp about the 4.0 update but I can't get any assistance some license gets transfered (?) So Im in a holding pattern until that is taken care of.

Since my fw rev is soo old, I can't go right to 6.5, and must go in order of release correct? the readme pdf says that the update for a 7410 couldn't take 1.5 hours with reboots, if I need to go from 3.0 to 4, to 4.11, to 5, to 6.4, to 6.5, thats 6.5 hours of upgrade time?
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Re: 7410 firmware updates

You can't go/jump directly to version 6.5. You must follow the proper upgrade order. Most probably you need to follow the upgrade order as I mentioned in my last post.

3.01 > 4.0 or 4.11 > 5.0 > 6.0 > 6.5

But you better confirm with HP Support.

You don't have option and have to bare with upgrade time at each step. Make sure you make a note of existing MP settings before starting the upgrade.