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8400 to 8420 upgrade: firmware required?

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Serge Poitras
Frequent Advisor

8400 to 8420 upgrade: firmware required?

Hi folks,

I believe that this one should be a no brainer, but all the sources I inquire to have landed me in a 50/50 position...

We have an rp8400 16-way (650Mhx cpu's), we'll be moving to an rp8420 (24-way 1Ghz cpu's), we've ignited the 8420 using an ignite image from the 8400 (and yes it works, system boots up).

Question: my understanding was that new cpu's would require a firmware update ?

Now remember, we're running the 8400 IUX image off the 8240, it's not yet in production, far from...still at the test and new h/w component(s) install & tests. Won't the 11i OS from the 8400, need to be "told" from a firmware level, that it now runs with a new (higher) chipset ?

To all that take the time to read and reply back, I thank you sincerely...

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Re: 8400 to 8420 upgrade: firmware required?


Ignite is best when done on similar boxes. I mean similar hardware configuration. I would recommand to install a new OS and not do ignite. In your case it may work. FOR firmware upgrades, you do not need worry, as new cpus would have latest available, if not get it done from HP.
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Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: 8400 to 8420 upgrade: firmware required?

The Ignite image has nothing to do with the firmware of the 8420 box.

It have shipped with a current firmware version but you can check with hardware if there are any later releases.

These machines are very similar and your Ignite restore should be able to run right after restoration. There may be an extra boot while hardware differences are recociled.

As far as I know, Ignite does not record firmware inforamtion at all.

So I guess the answer to your question is no, probably not. Since its not a prod box, I would go ahead and try the restore.

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Serge Poitras
Frequent Advisor

Re: 8400 to 8420 upgrade: firmware required?

Well seem smy suspiscion was right on te money.

Thanks to all that replied, points have been awarded.

Serge Poitras
Frequent Advisor

Re: 8400 to 8420 upgrade: firmware required?

closing thread as answers have been provided.