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9gb Seagate disc FW upgrade.


9gb Seagate disc FW upgrade.

Is there firmware available to upgrade my discs in my HP3000 K BOX. I have a mixture of 9gb discs on an mpeix system. ST39173WC and ST39175LC. I have various revisions currently
and would like to get the latest for these discs.
Thanks in advance.

Cheryl Griffin
Honored Contributor

Re: 9gb Seagate disc FW upgrade.

Go to the patch database:

Step 1: disk
Step 2. seagate
Click Search

All downloadable firmware will display. For example:
Seagate 36ES HP05 drive firmware PF_D36ESHP05
created: 2003/03/04

Seagate Cheetah third generation drive HP04 firmware PF_DSEACH3HP04
created: 2002/04/01

SEAGATE HP06 and HP09 FC disk firmware PF_DSEAFCHP0609
created: 2003/09/11

SEAGATE HPC4 disk firmware PF_DSEAHPC4
created: 2003/09/08

SEAGATE HPC5 disk firmware PF_DSEAHPC5
created: 2004/04/20

HP A4997A/A4998A disk drive firmware revision HP01 PF_DSEFHP01
created: 2001/02/01

HP A4997A/A4998A disk drive firmware revision HP02 PF_DSEFHP02
created: 2000/10/01
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