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A-class(a400) is not operating normal.

BG Jeong

A-class(a400) is not operating normal.

I have a A-class(a400) system which I bought for study.

When I power on the system,

system just display "Type Ctrl+B to reactivate the GSP command interface"
on standard serial port.

Not display Boot Console Handler(BCH), so I cann't boot from cdrom.

I hit "Return" but nothing happens.

But, GSP service and Secure Web Console are normal operation.

Front Panel LEDs are
RUN is flashing, Attn is off, Fault is off.
I find that this state;
System may be hung or waiting for BCH response
Potential causes could be PDC never executed (problem with fetching code from PDH), HPMC while PDC was configuring system.

I want to install hpux on this server.

Any ideas?
Tru64 from Korea
Honored Contributor

Re: A-class(a400) is not operating normal.


Try resetting through GSP and see if it works.

press Ctrl B
Press enter twice.
type RS

and this would reset the system.

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Kent Ostby
Honored Contributor

Re: A-class(a400) is not operating normal.

Try reseting the console itself.

If you are using a 700/92 terminal (or 700/96), you can power off the terminal, hold down the "d" key, and power the terminal back on while still holding the "d" key. Count to about 5 and let go of the "d" key. You should get a message on the screen that says "default configs used, press return to clear", hit return and the hardware of the terminal will have been reset.
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Devender Khatana
Honored Contributor

Re: A-class(a400) is not operating normal.


On HP Consoles there is a "remote mode" Menu in the bottom of the terminal. It should always marked with '*' for your input to reach server. Just check this.

System seems to be normal it is only a terminal settings problem. You said it displays this on standard serial port. Does not it have a console port ? Try connecting to console port instead.

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BG Jeong

Re: A-class(a400) is not operating normal.

Thank you for your fast answer.
But I have to explain additional status.
I'm using a notebook for console.
It is ok because it used to connect another A500 system.

and nothing happen when I command RS on GSP.

could you please another explain?
Tru64 from Korea
Honored Contributor

Re: A-class(a400) is not operating normal.

If GSP is not responding properly try to reset GSP with GSP reset button with pin available in the back side of the server.
(this is available in Rp24xx series, should be available in A400, if not remove the power cord and connect it back)

Even after hard reset if GSP is not responding properly, the GSP could be faulty.

Since you tested your laptop with another A400, I guess the GSP itself may be the issue. ( I hope you are using same cable)

Note: I have similar problem in Rp2470 and found that the GSP was faulty.

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