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A class refuses to boot

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A class refuses to boot

Hello i have an A180 / RP2400 server, that i am trying to rebuild, because we bought the server second hand. I can see all the devices that are attached t the system via the PDH menu, using the SEA command, however when i try and boot the server using either the disks, the cdrom drive or the attached DDS drive i get the following message:

Main Menu: Enter Command > bo

ERROR: the stop boot flag is set - can't leave the user interface to attempt to boot. Boot terminated

i have never seen this error message before, can anyone shed any light on this


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Yang Qin_1
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Re: A class refuses to boot

This is the message after you failed to boot several times. From here you cannot find exactly what caused the system does not want to boot.

Can you reset the server and try to boot it from CD or tape then capture all error message from the console. Maybe you can find something useful.

Andrew Rutter
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Re: A class refuses to boot


go into th info menu at BCH and type wa for warning.

see if there was a warning when it booted? possibly a memory error similar is stopping it from booting.

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Re: A class refuses to boot

Hi John,

Possible reasons for "stop boot flag"-
do not have minimum amount of good memory,
access port/Serial interface is present but has failed selftest
default stable storage failed & cannot init eeprom,
EISA subsystem failed - (EISA Controller) failed or is not detected,
PDT is disabled and has entries. Given this, there is deallocated(BAD)
memory which could get used.

Best Regards,
Steven Bucek
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Re: A class refuses to boot

Since the server is used, be sure to reset everything to defaults. I think the COnfiguration menu has the DE option to reset the default options.
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