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A4924A - 1000Base SX HSC cards

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Ewan McDonald_1
Occasional Contributor

A4924A - 1000Base SX HSC cards

Hi all, hope you can help me out with this as it's got to the point of me stressing out...
I've got a K-570(test box) and I'm trying to test a bundle of A4924A cards.
The card is in the HSC expansion slot 8/8 and when booting to multi-user mode, I've enabled the card through SAM. I previously installed the driver when loading HPUX 11.00.
The LED on the card still flashes green which according to my manual means the card needs configuring at a software level. This is backed up by the fact that when I plug the other end of the FC cable into the hub, there is no LED lit for that port on the hub.
I'm hoping it's just a command I've maybe missed? I've set up IP addy for the card etc so I'm stumped as to what's left to configure? Any help would be much appreciated :)
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: A4924A - 1000Base SX HSC cards

Some of these cards require a softwareinstallatin to completely configure them. This involves additional information in the kernel and a boot.

The software may be available as a patch or at software.hp.com

I'm wondering if the card shows up on ioscan.

That software may be available on the Core OS cd too.

The /etc/rc.config.d/netconf file has compatible network mask and such?


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john kingsley
Honored Contributor

Re: A4924A - 1000Base SX HSC cards

Look on your application CDs for
GigEther-00 PCI/HSC GigEther;Supptd HW=A4926A/A4929A/A4924A/A4925A

This product will need to be installed on your system.
Sridhar Bhaskarla
Honored Contributor

Re: A4924A - 1000Base SX HSC cards


I am not sure about "flashing green" means it requires a software reconfiguration. For me it means there is no link. I would check if the cable is good or if it is sitting correctly in both the hub and switch. If it is having loose ends, then ensure 'transmit' goes to 'receive' and vice versa on the NIC.

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rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: A4924A - 1000Base SX HSC cards

Definitely check the ioscan/lanscan output as previously suggested.

I'd use "ioscan -fk | grep lan" to see if the card appears - if of course, you see the card in the output of lanscan, the card _will_ be there and claimed in ioscan.

I know that it is all "fibre" but _please_ don't call it an FC cable - FC, or FibreChannel is _not_ the same thing as Gigabit Ethernet over fibre. To the best of my knowledge, the cables may be interchangeable, but you cannot plug a Fibrechannel HBA into a Gigabit switch port etc etc.

Also, keep in mind that once you do have this working, you will never get anywhere near gigabit link rates with the card. First and foremost, the CPUs in the K's just ain't that fast. That is compounded by the bandwidth limitation of an HSC slot being something on the order of 40 MB/s, or less than 1/2 Gigabit speeds. You may not even get the thing going that fast in a 570 (or even a 580).
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Ewan McDonald_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: A4924A - 1000Base SX HSC cards

Hi guys, yep the output in ioscan + lanscan seemed fine which is why I was confused as to why it didn't work.
Sri, you were totally right. The flashing green LED means no connection (although that's not what the manual says).
My gigabit hub was the main problem here... I plugged a terminal into it to set it to 1000base but there is also a manual switch on the face of the hub that you have to set as well. Thanks for all your help, networking is a rusty area with me and I've learned a lot in the last day...